• My name is Elena Veronica and I have been working as a graphic designer for over six years. However, I have always felt the need to explore my creativity beyond the requirements and specifications of graphic design. Unfortunately, I did not find the time or inspiration to do so until 2020 when the pandemic turned the world upside down. Like many others, I found myself with fewer orders and more free time on my hands. So, I enrolled in online drawing classes, learned new skills, experimented with different styles, and enjoyed it so much that I continued doing it whenever I had some free time.

    My style is characterized by its colorful and fun nature-inspired vibes. I also love combining illustrations with text to create motivational art with positive sayings. As we know, life can be unpredictable, but art has the power to uplift us.

    It’s my goal to create designs that can bring happiness and positivity to people’s lives, and I hope that I will be able to achieve that with my work.